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Teamwork is defined as a co-operative effort by a group or team to achieve a common goal.  An increasing number of organisations are relying on teams – project teams, product development teams, virtual teams, and autonomous working teams to compete in a rapidly changing domestic and global market. The reason for this is the ability of teams to perform at high levels and adapt quickly to escalating demands. Hence in today’s professional environment, more than ever, there is great emphasis placed on team leadership skills, team communication skills and team management styles.
This entire team building session revolves around developing actions and identifying improvements for the team. The participants will be challenged and work together to improve specific workplace issues. This Team Building training session has been put together to help develop participants team working skills. It will help them define a common goal, understand how they want to work together as a team and create an understanding of the behaviours required to develop better team performance. Therefore, it is relevant to all teams that require an element of teambuilding.

Objectives :
At this end of this team building training course your participants will be able to:
-        Appreciate team skills and dynamics
-        Identify and develop personal skills to become a more effective team member
-        Establish effective team processes
-        Improve team communication
-        Demonstrate skills that help you to implement effective changes in the workplace
Outline :
1.      Defining Success
2.      Types of Teams
3.      The First Stage of Team Development - Forming
4.      The Second Stage of Team Development - Storming
5.      The Third Stage of Team Development - Norming
6.      The Fourth Stage of Team Development - Performing
7.      Team Building Activities
8.      Making the Most of Team Meetings
9.      Solving Problems as a Team
10.  Encouraging Teamwork

Who Should Attend
Anyone who leads a team or is part of a team, teams attending as a group to improve their methods of working together and improve the teams effectiveness.

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