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Electronic security is one of the major contributors to producing a safer society and environment. It creates a sense of security that is needed to support various political, social, economic and business agendas. The reduction of crime is currently a company prerogative on various levels as it leads and contributes towards a stable environment.
It has become clear that relying on human resources only for crime reduction and prevention purposes will not have the effect on crime levels currently desired. Electronic security systems promote proactive prevention and reduction of crime, protection of persons and property and securing and provision of information as evidence, where necessary, to protect the broader society against crime. This qualification will provide electronic security standards aimed at supporting industry sectors, public or private companies, large and small, by identifying security risks and minimizing security breaches in any given environment. The use and importance of electronic security equipment has thus been highlighted in recent years.
This training  is intended for security officers, security managers, facility managers and other individuals responsible for security functions. It is an introduction to electronic security systems, including intrusion detection devices, control units, video surveillance systems, and access control systems. The emphasis is on the fundamental principles of system operation and their proper use. This course also helps participants to identify and diagnose simple system problems, such as nuisance alarms and equipment malfunctions. This training is ideal for meeting ongoing training requirements for security officers and for basic training of new security personnel.

Outline :

  1.  Communicate effectively in the security industry
  2.  Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
  3.  Work effectively in the security industry
  4. Provide technical security services to clients
  5. Install security equipment and systems : Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Closed Circuit Security Cameras, CCTV, Access Control Systems.
  6. Perform routine maintenance on security equipment and system

Peserta :
Pelatihan ini dimaksudkan untuk petugas keamanan, manajer keamanan, manajer fasilitas dan individu lain yang bertanggung jawab untuk fungsi keamanan. Ini merupakan pengantar untuk sistem keamanan elektronik, termasuk perangkat deteksi intrusi, unit kontrol, sistem pengawasan video, dan sistem kontrol akses. Pelatihan ini sangat ideal untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pelatihan berkelanjutan bagi petugas keamanan dan pelatihan dasar personil keamanan baru.

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