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Basic Knowledge Of Gun Mechanic

Basic Knowledge Of Gun Mechanic :             

1.       Introduction To Marine Seismic :
-        Apa itu pekerjaan seismik laut: dasar-dasar seismik dan bagaimana memetakan lapisan bawah permukaan
-        Metode-metode yang digunakan dalam survey seismik laut : marine seismik (laut dalam), OBC (laut dangkal)
-        Siapa saja Human resources yang terlibat dalam survey seismik laut dan tugas-tugasnya : Navigator,  observer, Gun mechanic, geophisic
-        Peralatan-peralatan yang digunakan dalam seismik laut : DGPS Method,Gyroscope, Streamer,  Air gun.

2.       GUN MECHANIC {Source Mechanic} (Operator / Shift Leader / Chief) Job Summary: Perform repairs and maintenance on all types of high pressure energy source equipment aboard the vessel. 
A.      Essential Job Functions:
-         Perform repairs and maintenance of high pressure air guns and firing lines.
-         Maintain air gun area in good condition, including general housekeeping (painting, cleaning work area, etc....)
-         Maintain gun bundles and all handling equipment.
-         Setup routine maintenance schedules on all lifting equipment and winch equipment.
-         Maintain all hardware throughout the gun clusters and all lifting equipment.
-         Assist with crane operations when needed.
-         Assist with loading and unloading of crew supplies and groceries when needed.
-         Assist with other routine work around the vessel when directed by the Party Manager.
-         Perform general housekeeping duties to maintain a clean living environment.
-         Participate in all emergency drills and safety meetings.
-         Wear all necessary personal protective equipment as required.
-         Review and become familiar with all Company Policies pertaining to safety.
-         Adhere to the Company Policy pertaining to Drugs and Alcohol.
B.      Essential Job Requirements: Must possess knowledge of:
-         General Mechanics
-         Use of volt-ohm meter
-         Splicing Ropes
-         Assembling synflex air lines
-         Safe use of hand tools
-         Basic computer skills for gun controller
-         Compressed Air

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