Sabtu, 17 April 2010

ISO/TS 16949 Process Oriented and Core Tools Audit

Seminar/Conference Description :
Course Objectives

* Able to develop audit program base on IATF
* Ensure quality system and manufacturing process effectiveness and also quality of the product
* Able to develop audit report, include the objective evidences
* Able to handle critical situations in audit
* Initiate the improvement product and process
* Able to maintain sustainability of product and process development

Outline :

* Fundamental of ISO 19011:2002
* ISO/TS 16949 requirements from auditor perspective
* Process analysis tools base on Turtle Diagram (IATF recommendation)
* Core tools audit processes
* Activity: Create audit checklist base on Process Analysis
* Activity: Live Audit base on client activity
* Reporting audits
* Evaluation of audit results and following up
* Define and tracking corrective actions

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