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This course covers instrumentation and control system for industrial applications, the operation of PID (Process & Instrumentation Diagram) controllers and the usually implemented algorithm of commercial PID controllers. Also methods of controller tuning are presented and practiced.

• Understand the concept of instrumentation and control
• Understand the concept of industrial measurement and control
• Understand the concept of PID control
• Use and tune PID controller for set-point and load disturbances
• Know and understand the differences of PID controller algorithm of commercial PID controller

1. Introduction to Instrumentation and Control
• Concept of process control
• Continuous vs batch process
• Components of control system
• Graphic description of loop components
2. Concept of Industrial Measurement
• Overview of measurement systems
• Characteristic of measuring instruments
• Process variables measurements
3. Dynamic of Plant
• Process characteristics
• Process load
• Gain, dead time and time constant
4. P&ID Documentation
• Ballon symbols
• Instrument symbols
5. Performance of control systems
6. PID Controllers
• Proportional control mode
• Integral control mode
• Derivative control mode
• Composite control mode
7. Tuning PID Controllers
• Practical approach
• Ziegler - Nichols methods
8. PID Algorithm in Commercial PID
9. PID structure on DCS

•Instrument Engineer • Electronic Engineer • Communication Engineer •Automation Technician

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