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Who Should Attend
This course is a "must" for engineers, geologists, supervisors and managers who are involved with drilling, completion, workover and evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs.

The costly phenomenon of formation damage will be discussed from the perspectives of types, causes, identification, remedies and prevention. Both laboratory and field methods will be discussed. The participant can expect to have a much better understanding of Formation Damage and how to be able to apply this knowledge easily and simply in the conduct of daily operations, including important considerations for horizontal wells and other under-balanced situations. A detailed discussion of matrix acidizing is designed to help participants  get  better  results  from  damage  removal  treatments.  A  number  of  class workshop problems have been included in the course. The course is very practical. A course manual written in textbook style with a large bibliography is included.

Course Outline
1)        Significance of Formation Damage

2)        Types of Formation Damage

3)        Causes of Formation Damage

4)        Prevention of Formation Damage

5)        Identification of Formation Damage

6)        Damage Remediation Treatments

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