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Gas Reservoir Engineering and Development

Gas Reservoir Engineering and Development

The objectives of this training are to present the fundamental properties of different sandstone reservoir types, learn how these properties affect reservoir performance, and develop a workflow for their continued characterization from exploration success, through appraisal, and field development using integrated geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering data.

Outline :
1. Introduction to sandstone depositional systems
2. Sedimentary rock properties
3. Geologic time and deposition of sedimentary
4. Well log and correlation strategies
5. Facies control on porosity and permeability
6. Fluvial depositional systems and reservoirs
7. Eolian depositional systems and reservoirs
8. Deltaic depositional systems and reservoirs
9. Shoreface/barrier island depositional systems and reservoirs
10. Deep marine depositional systems and reservoirs
11. Sequence stratigraphy and prediction of reservoir, source, and seal rocks

Peserta :
The   course   is   aimed   at   exploration   and   development   geologists,   geophysicists, petrophysicists, log analysts and reservoir engineers.

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