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Drilling Planning for Geothermal Well

Training Drilling Planning for Geothermal Well

Who should attend:
Drilling engineers, Mud engineers, geologists, supervisors, tool pushers, rig crews ,drilling contract and service company personnel, Shaker Attendants, Assistant Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Foremen, Drilling Superintendents, Directional Drillers, MWD & LWD personnel, and any other personnel who are included in drilling operation for Geothermal Well.

What will you learn:
• What is technical aspects of Geothermal drilling operation
• How to design the Geothermal operation, and their Completion.
• How to select equipment in their drilling operation and Completion, especially for Geothermal Well.

Course information:
This course covers all aspects of Geothermal drilling and deals with both theory and application. It is particularly valuable for their career in Geothermal drilling operation.
This course provides the development in Geothermal industry and drilling technology. In Geothermal Drilling Technology, participants will be given the principles, the techniques, the tools and designing procedures for a deviated well.
Participants will also learn about principles of Geothermal drilling techniques and practices, also design and selection of BHA.
This course also give valuable insight into workings of Geothermal drilling technology and providing direction in the design and implementation of these technology in Geothermal Industry.
Participants will have computer workshop using Drilling Software, Horizontal Drilling Software and Design, and also 3D-Trajectory for Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Wells, and the software will be given free.

Course details:
  1. Principle of Geothermal Drilling
  2. Drilling Fluid Properties, Design and Optimization
  3. Drilling Fluid Hydraulic Design
  4. Friction Loss
  5. ECD determinations
  6. Cutting transport
  7. Bit hydraulic horse power
  8. Bit hydraulic impact
  9. Bit jet velocity
  10. Hole Problems
  11. Casing and Casing Design
  12. Casing type
  13. Burst, collspse, tension, biaxial
  14. Maximum load principle
  15. Cement and Cementing Design
  16. Cement classification
  17. Cement Properties
  18. Cement additive
  19. Cementing design
  20. Principle of Directional Drilling
  21. Directional Well Path Design
  22. Directional Well Path Evaluation
  23. Build Curve Design
  24. Bottom Hole Assembly
  25. BHA EquipmentBHA DesignWell Drill String Design
  26. Torque
  27. Drag
  28. Buckling
  29. Drill String Strategy

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