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Geothermal Production Engineering

Training Geothermal Production Engineering

Course information:
In this course participants will learn about completion of geothermal wells, production facilities in vapor dominated field and water dominated field, production facilities in a number of geothermal fields in Indonesia, measurements of pressure, temperature and flow rates, application of fluid mechanic, thermodynamic, mass and heat transfer for calculating pressure drop and heat loss in wells and surface transmission line, problems of corrosion and scaling, material selection, monitoring well performance, well modelling, well bore simulation.

Course details:

1 Well Testing:
  • Well configuration
  • Wellhead Valves
  • Completion Test
  • Heating Measurements
  • Flow Measurements using orifice plates
  • Lip Pressure Method: Vertical Discharged
  • Lip Pressure Method: Horizontal Discharged
  • Calorimeter Method

3 Production Facilities
  • Production Facilities ini Vapour Dominated Field
  • Production Facilities ini Water Dominated Field
  • Separator Desain

4 Estimation of Pressure Drop in Steam Wells
  • Pressure Drop in Steam Well
  • Wellbore Simulation:
  • Model development
  • Model Validation/Matching Field Data
  • Prediction

6  Estimation of Pressure Drop, Heat and Mass Losses in Steam Transmission Line
  • Pressure Drop in Steam Transmission Line
  • Pressure Drop in Fittings, oriffice and others
  • Heat and Mass Losses ini Steam Transmission Line
8 Estimation of Pressure Drop in Two Phase Wells and Pipes
  • Two Phase Flow: Vertikal and Horizontal Flow
  • Two Phase Pressure Drop
  • Homogeneous Model
  • Separated Model:
  • Lokhart Martinelli Method,
  • Harrison & Freeston Method,
  • Hagedorn and Brown Method
  • Duns and Ross Method.

9 Wellbore Simulation – Two Phase Well
  • Model development
  • Model Validation/Matching Field Data

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