Senin, 18 Februari 2013

Geothermal Geochemistry

Geochemistry :

This course covers all aspects of chemistry at geothermal fluid. It explains type, composition, origin and distribution of the fluids; and the effects of boiling, mixing and condensation to the composition of water. How to understanding of the reservoir condition is also given, followed by the behaviors of gas and stable isotope in geothermal systems. At last the course will point out on monitoring of production wells, including scaling formation and corrosively in production pipes, and environmental aspects.

Course details:

  1. Geochemistry for geothermal exploration
  2. Geothermal fluid: origin & distribution
  3. Sampling & chemical analysis of geothermal fluid
  4. Characteristic of geothermal fluid: pH, salinity & ion balance
  5. Process occurring in geothermal fluid: boiling, mixing & condensation
  6. Estimation of reservoir fluid characteristic
  7. Geothermal gas
  8. Stable isotope in geothermal
  9. Geothermometer
  10. Scaling & corrosion
  11. Monitoring of well production
  12. Geochemical survey for geothermal exploration
  13. geochemistry for geothermal exploration
  14. geochemistry for geothermal exploration
  15. Environmental impact due to geothermal development

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