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Geothermal Reservoir Engineering

Training Geothermal Reservoir Engineering

Course information:
The course give an overview of characteristics of geothermal system, main component of hdrothermal system, conceptual model, reservoir parameters, fluid flow within the reservoir, mass and heat flow, pressure and temperature gradient, measured data, integrated data analysis to determine type, depth, pressure and temperatur of reservoir, estimation of reserve and electricity potential, pressure transient analysis, interference test, reservoir simulation, reservoir performance forecast, monitoring, reservoir management.

Course details:

1 Overview of Geothermal System 
  • Hydrothermal System
  • Type of Geothermal System
  • Conceptual Model
  • Reservoir Parameters
  • Rock Properties
  • Fluid Properties
  • Boiling Point with Depth Curve
  • Analysis of Pressure and Temperature Data 
2 Fluid Flow in the Reservoir
  • Darcy’s Law
  • Reservoir-well model
  • Single phase flow
  • Two phase flow in the reservoir
  • Heat Flow in the reservoir
3 Estimation of Resource, Reserve and Electricity Potential:
  • Methods
  • Availability of Data
  • Resources and Reserve Classification
  • Mass and Heat Stored Method and its application
  • Monte Carlo Simulation and its application
  • P/Z Method and its application
  • Mass anf Heat Balanced method: 
  • Constant Liquid Level and Falling Liquid Level Methods

5 Pressure Transient Analysis 
  • Desired Information
  • Pressure and temperature instrumentation
  • Basic Solution
  • Wellbore Storage and Skin
  • Pressure Build-up Test: methods and analysis
  • Drawdown Test: methods and analysis
  • Fall of Test: methods
  • Interference Test: methods and analysis
7 Reinjection
  • Objective
  • Design and Execution
  • Analysis
8 Changes within the Reservoir Under Exploitation
  • Changes under production within vapour dominated reservoir
  • Changes under production within water dominated reservoir
  • Changes in well performance
  • Reinjection and their effects on reservoir performance
  • Decline Curve Analysis: Harmonic, Exponential, Hyperbolic, Automatic Decline Curve Analysis
9 Reservoir Modelling

  • Governing Equation
  • Conceptual Model
  • Natural state modelling
  • History Matching
  • Production Forecast

10 Reservoir Management
  • Team Efforts
  • Reservoir Management Processes

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