Senin, 18 Februari 2013

Geothermal Geophysics


This course covers both static and dynamic geophysical method commonly applied for geothermal exploration in order to reveal the subsurface condition. The method includes gravity and magnetic, geo-electrical, magnetotelluric (MT), transient electromagnetic (TEM) and micro-earthquake (MEQ) methods. Some applications are given for discussion.

Course details:

  1. Overview of geophysics for geothermal exploration
  2. Gravity method (theory)
  3. Processing of gravity data: Application / discussion
  4. Magnetic method (theory)
  5. Advanced data processing of gravity and magnetic data
  6. Exercice of gravity and magnetic method.
  7. Geo-electrical method I (VES, mapping/imaging)
  8. Geo-electrical method II (SP, MAM)
  9. Exercice of geo-electrical methods: Application / discussion
  10. Data acquisition and processing of magnetotelluric (MT) data
  11. Modeling of MT data
  12. Exercice of MT method: Application / discussion
  13. Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) method
  14. Micro-earthquake (MEQ) method

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