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Advanced General Management

The Advanced General Management Program (AGMP) is designed for experienced functional managers who are about to assume a general management role or who have recently been promoted to this position. This 5 days’ program is delivered by most senior consultants & trainers, all with advanced level competency in general management and extensive hands-on experiences at top and senior management level.
The AGMP integrates the latest management thinking and practice to give participants a firm grounding in the essential skills and knowledge required for successful general management. Case study analysis and business simulation form the core of the program content, reinforced by practical tasks such as experiential activities and negotiation exercises. This AGMP has recently been adapted in line with participants’ feedback and the latest concept in general management.
  • The concept of effective general management
  • The job of a General Manager
  • The profile of a competent General Manager
Strategic Management For General Managers
  • Strategic management model
  • Developing corporate vision, mission. core values
  • Setting corporate strategic objectives
  • Conducting external & internal situation analysis
  • Pinpointing key success factors and SWOT
  • Crafting corporate and business strategies
  • Aligning strategy and organization culture
  • Developing organization capable of strategy execution
  • Preparing strategic- and operational plan of actions
  • Preparing strategic- and operational budgets
  • Case study
People Management & Leadership For General Managers
  • Transitioning to a general management position
  • Communicating, interacting, motivating, influencing
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Selecting people
  • Training & developing people
  • Creating and leading high performance teams
  • Managing conflicts
  • Case study
Monitoring & Controlling For General Managers
  • Financial analysis
  • Measuring, monitoring and controlling corporate, business and unit performance
  • Measuring, monitoring and controlling people performance
  • Budget control
The methodology is based on experimental & interactive learning, i.e. participants will learn by doing. We will use short lectures, group discussions, individual & group exercises, short & comprehensive case studies.


The typical AGMP participant is at senior functional management level, include: Directors, Vice Presidents, Division General Managers, Area General Managers, Department Manager, Regional Managers, Branch Managers, and Project Managers. All applicants are screened by the Course Leader.

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