Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Managing Project Teams

After attending, participants will be better able to successfully manage cross-functional project teams composed of people from multiple departments or companies.
Participants will learn techniques for developing an appropriate leadership style, creating an effective project team culture, dealing with diversity, overcoming communication challenges and inspiring excellent team performance to realize project objectives. Aspects covered will include but limited to:
  • Concept of effective project management
  • The characteristics of an effective project team
  • Steps in developing an effective project team
  • Coping with diversity
  • Team communication
  • Team motivation
  • Adopting the right leadership style
  • Inspiring high performance teams
  • Handling conflicts
  • Project Managers, Project Leaders, Construction Managers, Site Managers
  • Contract Administration Managers
  • All other Managers, Engineers and Senior Staff who need skills to manage cross functional teams for completing assignments on time and in budget

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