Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Advanced Performance Management

As we know, each individual employee is an integral part of an organization. Each plays his/her role towards the total performance of the organization. The success and progress of the organization rides on the success and progress of its people. The continuous management of the performance of an individual and the organization is the answer to a successful partnership between the individual and the organization.
After attending this program, participants will be better able to set and implement process or set of processes for establishing shared understanding about what is to be achieved, and managing and developing people in a way which increases the probability that it will be achieved in the short- and longer term.
  • Concept of people performance management
  • The link between culture and performance
  • Performance management methodologies & tools
  • The Link of people competencies with performance
  • Setting performance objectives
  • Preparing performance plans
  • Motivating people to deliver optimum performance
  • Measuring and monitoring  performance
  • Assessing performance
  • Conducting performance appraisal sessions
  • Handling disagreements
  • Creating a personal training and development plan
  • Linking people performance with T&D, C&B and other related issues
  • Pitfalls in people performance management and how to avoid and deal with them
  • HR Directors & HR Managers
  • All other Directors & Managers who have to provide significant contributions in managing the performance
  • Senior HR Specialists

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