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Ammonia Refrigeration Unit

Ammonia Refrigeration Unit

What is ammonia refrigeration? Basically, the act of refrigeration changes a liquid into a gas, causing it to absorb heat in the process. Then, the heat is transferred away from the storage facility. Ammonia is a popular liquid used in this process. Industries use it to chill everything from produce, seafood and poultry to petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
We  offers several courses related to Ammonia Refrigeration, which train workers to operate and maintain an ammonia refrigeration system and how to respond if the system malfunctions.

Materi Pelatihan:
  1. Overview of Properties
  2. Safety in Ammonia Refrigeration
  3. Refrigerant Property Problems
  4. Refrigeration Systems Overview
  5. Introduction to Refrigeration Cycles
  6. Refrigeration System Components: Compressors
  7. Refrigeration System Components: Heat Transfer Equipment
  8. Refrigeration System Components: Valves/Metering Devices
  9. Balancing System Components
  10. System Troubleshooting
  11. Refrigeration System Design Options

Operator sistem refrigerasi, supervisor, maintenace, utility ataupun yang berkepentingan dalam menangani sistem refrigerasi Ammonia.

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