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Managing IT Projects

Managing IT Projects requires a set of skills and techniques without which IT projects will fail. This program gives participants the skills needed to define, plan, monitor and successfully complete IT projects while meeting the objectives of the business.
An increasing number of companies today use IT as part of its strategy to win the market, and to streamline its operation to optimize cost.
This calls for transformation, merging or re-engineering of its business processes, building or fitting IT applications and infrastructure to support them.
A project manager is required to manage the combined Business Transformation (BT) and IT project, to work out a plan, execute and meet its targeted scope, schedule and funding, and to produce sustainable results.
This program will provide the knowledge and skills to start managing such projects.
At the end of the training, the student would acquire knowledge and basic, practical skills in the following areas:
  • Project Management Processes and Aspects. BT/IT perspective.
  • The phases a BT/IT project will have to go through, the activities associated with the phases, the deliverables, the continuity criteria
  • Building a project plan, and certain phase deliverables
  • Building a project team, and establish management systems for the project
  • Organizing and leading certain key and critical activities in the life of a BT/IT project
  • Use of technology in managing the project
  • The concept of effective  IT/BT project management
  • Developing IT/BT business case
  • IT/BT project initiation : initial project team – project stakeholders – project charter
  • IT/BT project scope & time planning
  • IT/BT project resources planning
  • IT/BT project cost planning
  • IT/BT Project quality management
  • IT/BT Project risks management
  • IT/BT project procurement management
  • IT/BT project monitoring, evaluation and control
  • IT/BT project HR Management
  • IT/BT project close-out
  • BT/IT project manager
  • People groomed to be a BT/IT project manager
  • Experienced project manager in other functional area, but new in BT/IT project management
  • Project administrators
  • Business Process Analysts, IT professionals
  • BT/IT managers, CIO
  • End User managers or process owners who have a stake in the project
  • Those groomed for above positions

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