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The training is designed for them who want to broaden the knowledge on chemical material safety. It will be beneficial for handling chemicals in the work, deciding on measures where chemical information is needed, safety representatives needing physical and chemical information on a specific substance, a factory inspector looking for Occupational Exposure Limits, guiding and educating others in the handling and use of chemical material.

Materi Pelatihan:

  1. Objectives of practical chemical material safety programmes
  2. Law and Regulations on Handling of Hazardous Chemical material
  3. Introduction to the aspects of chemical safety
  4. Identification, classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals
  5. Safety in transport and storage (Warehousing system)
  6. Chemical safety data sheet
  7. Characteristic of Hazardous Chemicals & Wastes
  8. Hazards and Risk of Chemicals
  9. Waste Minimization & Recovery/ Recycling
  10. Engineering Consideration on Treatment and Disposal
  11. Treatment Processes & Disposal Methods
  12. Introduction on Hazard Analysis
  13. Preventive methods and control of chemical hazards
  14. Emergency Response Preparedness

  • Plant: Manager/ Engineer
  • Engineering: Maintenance, Facility & Project Manager/ Engineer
  • Production: Operation, Development & Process Manager/ Engineer
  • Logistic: PPIC, Warehouse, Tank Storage & Transportation Manager
  • HSE: Environmental/ Health & Safety Manager, Public Relation & Community Development Mgr.
  • Laboratory: Product Quality, Product Development & In-Process Control Manager.

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