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Chemicals treatments are essential to obtain qualified product of oil and gas activities. Using proper chemicals with correct system will improve efficiency of Oil and Gas activities. This course focuses on those products that commonly used at oilfield production. Emphasis will be placed on field cases and troubleshooting instead of theoretical aspect.

Materi Pelatihan:

  1. Introduction To Oilfield Chemicals
·         Introduction To Oil and Gas
·         Crude Oil Characteristic
·         Physical Properties
·         Oilfield Production Chemicals
·         Methods of Chemicals Treatment
·         HSE
  1. Emulsion Treatment
·         Emulsion
·         Water in Oil Treatment
·         Oil in Water Treatment
  1. Oilfield Corrosion
·         Corrosion at Oilfield
·         Corrosion Control
  1. Oilfield Deposit (Scale And Wax)
·         Deposit at Oilfield
·         Deposit Control

The course aimed to provide a common understanding of oilfield production chemicals for production engineer, facility engineer, chemical engineer, chemist, oilfield service chemicals personnel and also for anyone who put concern of chemicals performance at oilfield.

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